I am over 65 years old (Birthdate May 22, 1949). I am a US Alien Resident. My sister was a Foster Parent for children with AIDS and I assisted her in caring for them at home. I am not in receipt of Social Security Income and my total current income is $980.00 per month. Would I qualify for free Obamacare? The Enrollment Forms do not cater for persons born prior to 1951.

Please advise and thanks in advance for your kind consideration.


Being 65 or older you don't qualify for Marketplace cost assistance, being a resident Alien you may not qualify for Medicare subsidies, but you can still buy Medicare. All of this being said, to answer your question, yes your income alone would have qualified you.

Eligibility for Medicare for Resident Aliens

A US citizen or legal permanent resident aged 65 years or older usually qualify for Medicare. One of the eligibility criteria is that the person or spouse must have worked in the US and paid Medicare taxes for minimum 40 quarters.

If you are a recent green card holder or new immigrant to the US, aged 65 years or older, and never worked in the US, you may not immediately qualify for Medicare

If you don't qualify for free Medicare, you can still purchase it, if the following holds true in your casee:

  • You're 65 years or older.
  • You have recently become a US citizen by naturalization and haven't worked enough quarters to have social security coverage.
  • You are a lawfully admitted alien (green card holder) and have constantly lived in the United States for 5 years or longer and don't qualify for the Social Security benefits

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Alan Downes on

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My wife & I are UK residents. My Daughter Tracy is an American citizen & would like us to live in the States. My age is 78 & my wife 77. We would like to apply for a green card & enroll in Obamacare.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

As long as you are a legal resident of the US and will file taxes in the US you can use ObamaCare’s Marketplace to get cost assistance. If you become the tax dependents of your daughter you may even have options for sharing a family plan. The best bet is to call the marketplace first and foremost and make clear your exact situation. If subsidized coverage isn’t an option in your situation you should be able to share a private plan without cost assistance.

Clare on

My mom, age 67, recently got her green card. She has no income and lives with me. If I include her as my dependent when filing my tax return, would that prevent her from getting cost assistance if I am to purchase obamacare for her? I have my own employment based health coverage.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

We are fairly certain that parent’s claimed as tax dependents on income, who don’t have access to Medicare, can get cost assistance in this way. Your best bet here is to double check with the marketplace as specifics of your situation may affect your options. You can also get them coverage through work if your employer offers that. Some states even offer Medicaid options (if her income is low enough and you don’t file for her).

Alan Downes on

Hello Claire, Thank you for replying. We would not want medicare as we have not worked in the States. We have had a condo for over 32 years which we used in the Winter. We had a B1/B2 visa. Now we would like to move permanently to West Palm Beach where my daughter who is an American citizen lives. She would sponsor us for a green card, but only if we could have Obamacare. Please advise the best procedure? If we get the green card would Obamacare be accepted. I appreciate your response. Alan .

Babita Pandita on

I am a US citizen and want my parents to move here. I am ready to file for their green card, Both my parents are over 69 years and mom was recently diagnosed with some legion in brain which could be benign. Will they be covered by medicare as soon as they land here and I get started with the green card process.

Appreciate your quick response

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Medicare requires that someone be a resident for at least 5 years. They can get cost assistance through HealthCare.Gov or “green card holder’s” coverage. Both are private non-medicare options, although the HealthCare.Gov coverage can be subsidized with tax credits based on income.

PH on

Hi there, I am in a similar situation, my mother is over 65 years old and has been in the us for only three months. She has a green card so she is a LPR. She cant qualify for Medicare, nor can she purchase Medicare. What are our options?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

If you file taxes for her as a dependent she can go on a family plan, other-wise you can just buy her major medical coverage from an insurer.

Claus on

Hello, I am in similar situation as many of the comments here: I am an American citizen, living in Houston TX, my parents want to move to the USA, but to Florida. They are over 65 years old, and my dad has a peace maker, would they qualify for any type of health insurance? Any….Obamacare, or private? Please advise, I am researching before we make the effort to bring them. Thanks!

ObamaCareFacts.com on

As long as you file taxes you qualify for ObamaCare’s cost assistance on the Health Insurance Marketplace. To claim the credits you need a household income of between 100% – 400% FPL. If your parents are dependents you can claim them and get a family plan, otherwise they will need their own plan. Even if they can’t get tax credits they can still by a plan inside or outside the marketplace.

MK on

Hi, living in Pennsylvania about to complete my citizenship process, would like to bring my parents 72 and 77 to the US to live with me and my husband. They have never worked in the US and will have no income. We are not under the powerty level and we are fairly certain we would not qualify for subsidy. We will claim them as dependents on taxes. We get insurance through our employer. Can I get them coverage through the marketplace? How about Medicare? Could I carry them on my employer’s healthcare?

Babak on

I am 66 years old I have green card for more than 6 years I lived in us for more than 6 years I have no job and I can not work because I have eye problem and can not drive and I am diabetic. Am I eligible for medicare or medicaid or fix ability benefit . Please answer me thank you

ana lopes on

my father is 79 he is been in united states for 3 years he has massheath limited he is at hospital for a week now but he needs to go to a reabilitation i want to know if they can update .

Meena Jois on

My mother recently got her green card (Nov 30, 2015). She is 83 years old and has no income of her own. She lives with me and my husband in Maryland. Due to a family emergency, she had to travel to India and when she came back (on Feb 21, 2106) she missed the deadline to enroll in Obama Care. She is not eligible for Medicare and cannot enroll her in any private insurance either. All insurance companies have a clause that Maryland residents are not eligible. We are worried and frustrated. What options do we have to get health coverage for her? Any and all help in this regard is highly appreciated. Thanks for your time.


What are the options for health coverage for a 79 year old who does have medical issues needing constant attention but who has just received her Green Card and has never worked in the US?

pk on

My parents (65+) are immigrants who will be getting their Greencard soon. They don’t qualify for Medicare as they don’t meet the 5 year criteria. They will stay at my home initially but will be earning income making private tutoring, music classes etc and paying their own taxes. (i.e., I will not be claiming them as dependent). If I understand correctly, from Obamacare definition they both are considered as a household as they pay taxes separately.

My question is: Though I sponsored them them the GC, but if they earn income and pay their own taxes, can they go ahead separately and apply for Obamacare? Their low income might qualify them to get coverage and subsidized rates.

Please let me know.


Shivayogi Rawoor on

my wife & I are indian citizens , age 71, 73 .respectively.& we are depedent.
my son & daughter in-law are us citizens , both working last more than 10 years,
Hence we are looking to apply for green cards to live with them, are we eligible
for oboma medicare! Pls. advise.

John liston on

A 65 yr old is disqualified for Medicaid because his asset are to much(over 7,500) although his income is far below poverty level. He does not qualify for Medicare part A supplement, but could buy it. Is he allowed to purchase an Obamacare plan instead if it is cheaper than Medicare A and B


Hector on

My mom is 66 years old and didn’t work in US at this point. She become temperament Resident in year Sept 2014, so It’s been only 2 years. Can she get Medicare?

Robert A. Blake, PMP on

my mother in law is from the PH, 67 and unable to work. She has only been in US for 3 months. How can she qualify for Medicare?

toyin bello on

My mother is 70 years old and lives with me. She’s a green card holder since but does not work. I support her for food and shelter. She doesn’t quality for medicare because she has never worked here or lived here for 5 years. She’s sick and I can’t afford her health care bills. I provide her with food and shelter. what can i do?

A.L.Chaudhary on

One who is a lawfully admitted alien (green card holder) and have constantly lived in the United States for 5 years or longer and don’t qualify for the Social Security benefits.What are other criteria for eligibility with reference to income/property etc.?

maria on

Im US resident, my mom just move whit me, she is permanent recident, she never work in the US can she qualify for any heatlh program??

[email protected] Erin on

As long as your mother is in the US legally she can use the Marketplace to shop for health insurance and may qualify for cost assistance.

The best recommendation depends on whether your mother will be financially depended on you for the year. She would them be a “qualifying relative” to be your tax-dependent and you could include her in your household when shopping for insurance. You may even be able to simply add her to your health insurance policy.

If your mother does eventually can or decides to be employed you would need to notify the marketplace. Her ability to be claimed as a dependent would drop-out at a certain income level and then she would still be eligible, she would simply need to shop for her own health insurance plan.

The second half of the answer to this question, provides a little more detail and link to relevant resources.

Mr. Shakti Kapoor on

Dear Sirs,

We two (my wife – 22-6-1941 and myself – 16-11-1935) will be reaching USA with green Card and will stay in Florida.

Will like to know which is the best insurance cover?

We both are in fairly good health but must cover pre-existing conditions.

We have no income source in US.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Best insurance for traveling is a major carrier who offers travel insurance, so United Health, BCBS, Aetna, it is your call really. If you are going to stay and pay taxes, and will thus be lawfully president residents (“qualified non-citizens”), the same insurers can offer suggestions for major medical options as well but you may have healthcare.gov options.

You can check out this page for more info: https://obamacarefacts.com/obamacare-immigrants/

Jose Antonio Aguilar rangel on

I have legal mexican paperwork to be in the united state,, and I was wondering if I can apply for the Obama care ,I leave in this address ******************

Erin on

All who are lawfully present you can go to healthcare.gov or your state’s health insurance marketplace to shop for health insurance.

ann nguyen on

my dad is 70 year old but do not have medicare , my mom is still working but just about 32 quarters. can i apply medicare for my dad now ? or i have to wait for my mom has enough 40 quarters. both my parent are permanent president and been in US since 2008. thanks

Erin on

It’s difficult for me to completely understand your question as some of the details or missing or not clear. However, if your father is eligible for Medicare he does not need to wait for your mother to become eligible to enroll.

Ovidiu on

Hello, my parents recently got their green cards and social security numbers. They live with me but have no income . My father is 70 and my other is 65 years old. They have no income. What do they need to do in order to get a health insurance ? I am willing to pay for them , I just dont know in which direction to go. Can anyone help us with an answer? Thank you !

peter on

Yes, you will qualify for tax credits – if your state has not expanded medicaid. go to heatlhcare.gov and fill out the forms. the application process is very easy.

Niloofar on

My parents recently move to United States and they are green card holders. My father is 72 years old and he doesn’t have any income. My mom is 60 years old and she doesn’t have any income to. They don’t have job. Because they can’t speak English. What they can do to have free insurance? I heard about Medical insurance. I am really appreciate if someone guide me, what can I do for my parents insurance?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

This page does a good job of explaining their options, please contact healthcare.gov for guidance.


klodiana on

Hi,my parents in low are green card holders for three years and have no income.They live with their son(my husband)who is responsible for them.We olso have two kids and my husband is the only one who works in a family of 6 people.My question is:can my parents in low have benefits from the government like food,money or apartment?they are 65 and 64 years old and never worked because of the language.Really apriciate your answer.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

There are assistance programs that offer benefits to Green Card holders, including the Affordable Care Act. In terms of the Affordable Care Act, here is the information you would be looking for: https://www.healthcare.gov/immigrants/coverage/ (contact healthcare.gov for more info).

In terms of other assistance programs, it can differ by state. Here is a list of federal assistance programs that may apply: https://www.nilc.org/issues/economic-support/overview-immeligfedprograms/

You’ll need to research which state-based assistance.