Paul Ryan Obamacare: Paul Ryan Health Care Reform

Paul Ryan Goes After Obamacare and Lays out the Paul Ryan Healthcare Reform Plan

Paul Ryan’s ObamaCare stance is clear, Paul Ryan say’s Obama’s health care laws have no place in America. The attacks from Paul Ryan on ObamaCare have only been picking up since the Republican National Convention in Tampa Florida. During his speech he even went as far as to say that ObamaCare has “no place in free society”.

TIP: See what Paul Ryan and the GOP have in store for ObamaCare under President Trump. The article below refers to Ryan’s plans from 2012 under the Romney / Ryan ticket. His ideology is still the same, but newer “Better Way” plan is more fleshed out.

Paul Ryan to Repeal ObamaCare?

The Romney Ryan ticket has made their intensions to repeal ObamaCare clear. Their man critique of the ObamaCare and their main grounds to repeal the legislation come from Paul Ryan’s idea of limited government. Paul Ryan says ObamaCare has far too many rules, mandates, taxes, fees and fines. Both Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney are fans of limited government, and this ideal is in direct contrast to the “reform government” stance of Obama and Biden.

As it stands, if the vote swings to the right in November we will be hard pressed to retain much of the reform that the Affordable Care Act is slated to accomplish.

Paul Ryan HealthCare Reform

Paul Ryan is no fan of most of the ObamaCare provisions (although, not everything that is in the law are things he is against. The truth, after cutting through the rhetoric, is that many of his own health care reform ideas are very similar if not exactly the same as what are in the current law.) That being said Ryan’s health care plan is less of a plan
and more of an idea of taking healthcare away from government and letting the free market control healthcare instead.

Aside from repealing Obamacare, Paul Ryan says our main focus should be on jobs, making a stronger middle class and generating 12 million new jobs over the next four years (if Paul Ryan is elected into office as Mitt Romney’s Vice President.)

Patients’ Choice Act

Of course Paul Ryan does have other ideas for our nations healthcare that differ from Obamacare. A good indicator of Ryan’s stance on healthcare is laid out in an Act he worked on in 2009 called the Patients’ Choice Act.

The Patients’ Choice Act aims to reform healthcare, specifically medicaid and medicare, by giving better access to health insurance to Americans by offering tax credits and other incentives to the private healthcare industry to create more competition. The Paul Ryan HealthCare Reform seeks, like ObamaCare, to reform medicare and medicaid and to provide better coverage to Americans, but unlike ObamaCare it does so by placing faith in private health insurance companies, instead of placing faith in the government and the American people. It’s up to you to decide if you approve of Paul Ryan’s stance on Obamacare.


Paul Ryan Obamacare: Paul Ryan to Repeal ObamaCare?

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