When you lose employer based coverage for any reason other than non-payment you qualify for special enrollment in the health insurance marketplace (HealthCare.Gov or your state marketplace).

For some that lost their job due to COVID, the window to get coverage is starting to end (or in some cases has already ended).

The window is 60 days from losing employer coverage. So if you lost your coverage March 25th, yesterday May 25th would have been the last day to get coverage via special enrollment.

This is notable since unemployment started to trend up in March. While the biggest numbers are from April and May, it is generally important to keep the 60 day window in mind if you lost coverage.

Also keep in mind that the same logic applies for losing COBRA. That said, anyone who went from employer coverage to COBRA has not lost their opportunity yet, they only will if they wait 60 days after losing COBRA.

To learn more about special enrollment, see our page on ObamaCare and special enrollment.

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