Although Trump is President, you can still get health insurance with cost assistance under the Affordable Care Act each year during open enrollment. Open enrollment starts Nov 1 and ends Dec 15 in most states.

Learn more about cost assistance.

Learn more about open enrollment.

TIP: Although you can enroll during open enrollment each year, you won’t owe a fee for not having coverage for 2019 forward in most states due to new rules under Trump. Further, short term coverage has been expanded, so make sure to check out all your coverage options.

FACT: The Affordable Care Act is a federal law. It was signed into law by President Obama, and some changes have been made under President Trump, but the law still stands. Thus, most of the perks, protections, and taxes of the Affordable Care Act still stand. See a list of changes under Trump.

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If you are eligible for these discounts, you will still get them because insurers are required by law to offer them. The cut ultimately hurts insurers, and the impact will be felt in other ways as insurers raise premiums or decide to exit the market.