My premiums continue to go up by 8X the rate of inflation

I am forced to buy coverage I don’t need

I am finally considering going uninsured

At some point I will choose to stop earning money

Who is John Galt?

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Trent Condellone on

I want people to profit from my ill health. I want my health insurance to be low cost.

I do not need health insurance. I will never have an accident, or get ill.

I do not want gubermint involved. I do want the ER to be forced to treat me.

I do not need to pay my medical bills. “Nobody” pays.

Why does my insurance & costs go up every year? Why did the hospital close? I do not understand.

I am 50 now. I am ill. Someone owes me! I need healthcare or I will die! Why is there no way for me to get what I am owed?

Who is John Galt?