“Non-payment” Cancellation — an HONEST Mistake – Story

We have had the same marketplace plan for almost 2 years and have NEVER made a late payment until this year. We do not qualify for any subsidies. I have worked half the year to meet my deductible going to physical therapy so I could have a surgery in September that is currently scheduled. At the end of March this year we lost our 24 year old son that has caused much heartache and distraction this year.

In May of 2016, I made my first late health insurance payment by 13 days. We made the June payment 1 week later to ensure it would be on time. Unfortunately, I have no idea how, but I missed the July payment and did not realize it, an inadvertent mistake. A payment came out of my account July 28 (that could have covered for the June) but Total Health Care says it didn’t reach them until August 2 and because it was past the 30 day grace, they cancelled me. I have called several times and offered to catch up the policy to no avail. I called the marketplace and have been informed there is nothing they can do either and I cannot appeal a non-payment.

So now, I cannot get into another plan until January and will now have to pay a penalty — Why? I want to pay for health insurance but I am not allowed to because I passed the deadline by 2 days. Things happen to people all the time and some people really do make honest mistakes. I sent the insurance company the payments showing them the days they left my account but their response was “we will be refunding you the premium we received August 2.”

How do I know they didn’t make a clerical error and not post my payment correctly or, do it on purpose. If I get into a short term plan that is available, I will still get the “fine” because those plans don’t qualify. I find this all very unfair, but since I am not even a blip on anyone’s radar, my situation just doesn’t matter. So I plan to continue to suffer without the surgery I was waiting for and then I will plan to pay the IRS penalty because they were somehow harmed by my error as well.

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Why isn’t a short term plan considered HAVING insurance? How does it NOT qualify?This is WRONG! It’s a Catch-22.
Remember when Pelosi warbled, “We Have to Pass the Bill So That YOU Can Find Out What Is In It.” So, they passed it without really fully understanding it.
Obamacare laws are vague and unclear. They will become clearer on the backs of its victims, such as this person.
Sadly, there appears to be no help on the horizon.


I too am perplexed. My insurance is so hard to pay. I cannot pay online. I have never been able to log in. I wait at least 20 minutes to get through and often pay two premiums at once in July my payment was late. The Cardiologist was bothering my husband in heart failure that the insurance would not cover the visit. In August my husband passed away. They never computed the difference in coverage. I paid two months full price and gave me a month’s discount then threatened to cancel me again because I thought I would be getting a discount. I walked the payment in. In March I was having financial problems and grief I payed my premium and never knew I was cut if in March and owe 2, 5000.00 for medication! I hate these people.

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