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I lost my job due to disability, we all know it takes years to get a decision from social security, So I have no income. My husband has an income that the “net” does not pay all of our bills. It is nice that Obamacare helps in the cost of insurance, however,

1) doctors do not take the cheapest offered insurances, and

2) 50% of people in USA may be working, but how many are at the level where we cannot afford the monthly payments since we already live from check to check.

Where do we get the money to pay more? My husband had to cash out his 401, and I had to cash out my CD (thus losing money) and losing part of our retirement income. When this runs out, which is soon, how do we afford insurance? Especially when I finally get SSD I have to include that income which makes the payments for insurance higher. Then what do we do when retired and our previous planned retirement income is now less? Living with one income is bad now, living when retired will be impossible. I did lower our bills as much as possible.

Why can’t Obamacare use same percentages but net income instead, or raise the help for the gross income of us that are working hard for income too much for Medicaid help and not enough to pay for home, food, vehicle, utilities, etc. We do not have credit cards. I guess when our “used to be for retirement income” runs out I guess we will have no tv, no phone, my husband will walk 20 miles to work, and live with candles instead of electricity. I kid not. This income level Obamacare has is not as helpful as the government thinks. Of course they have no worries. They get an actually nice income and retirement. We do not receive our gross pay Obama!

The government already receives a nice piece of it in taxes. At least make it net income which is the truth! To pay for our insurance that our doctor accepts is $658 per month. What will it be later? Our retirement income is already less.

My anxiety is high worrying about when our IRA is gone, already close, and how my husband and I will be able to afford retirement? We planned our income, it is now paying for health care, not our retirement as intended.

BTW my husband’s employer is small and does not offer insurance, so we get to spend it all on our health. I know no one cares. But I had to say it, Obamacare is not realistic! We are going to be in trouble, and soon.

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Sorry about your situation. Have you gone to an insurance broker to make sure that you are taking advantage of all possible alternatives? They may be aware of some things that you are not. ( I am not a broker and have no dog in that fight.) I believe that most brokers would not charge you, but get paid from the insurance company that where eventually sign.

From your description, your income is significant, but not enough. Do you get a subsidy on the Exchange to purchase health insurance? Have you looked into one of the HMO plans that might have very low premiums, but more co-pays? (Make sure they have all the services you need in their Network and nearby you.) Have you looked into the possibility of changing to a Doctor that would accept the lower cost insurance plans that you are eligible for? that’s not ideal, but when you lose your job, you may need to make some changes.

I hope things work out for you.

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