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What Obamacare provides is a Health Insurance Reform. The Government throws out some arbitrary number, based on what it considers “poverty level” of Americans who qualify. That number was developed by a woman in the 1960’s who took a basket of food for a family of 4 for a week and multiplied it 4 to determine what was “poverty level”. It has only ever been adjusted for inflation and no one will address it. The “self-sufficiency” standard for a single mother raising a child in Los Angeles is 64,000 a year, a realistic number. I am that mother, and for me and my son, the cheapest plan for us is 500. per month, and carries a 10,000. deductible. Needless to say, I cannot begin to afford care. Not a chance. I refuse to purchase coverage. I have to get care from free clinics and I negotiate any bills I do get with the provider. Both of us are healthy, and really rarely seek care. This is a failed system, and those getting it for free are most of the people that signed up for this plan. Those deemed “middle class” by an antiquated system that is not a real world model, pay the cost of the free ride for others. This is the American way, and it is one reason the middle class is shrinking and breaking down. We cannot continue to pay for both the rich and the poor.

Sorry Me. Obama. I will support any effort made to enact a single-payer healthcare system.

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I’m retired and am on a medicare advantage plan. As with millions of
others, insurers take a small portion of my social security payment each month(mandatory) and allow me to choose from one of many plans. I have one that does not charge a monthly fee. I have used these plans for years and they work well. They are also very reasonable and probably very close to what you might refer to as “single payer”
I think Obama had in mind that in the end we would go that route, and put an end to ” for prophet” companies doing health care. It’s the only way. Perhaps Clinton, if elected has that in mind, although she not said it out loud. No Republican will say it. Anyway…


Well said. We pay for both the rich and the poor. What you said lady was the ACA fact sheet. I’m a Obama supporter, but I believe ACA is put all on middle class, crushing them.

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