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I wanted to share my story since so many people were affected by what just happened to myself and my coworkers yesterday. I was hired in as a full-time non-career employee. This meant that I had the ability to work 40 hours a week while learning about working for the State Of Michigan while I finished my degree and eventually be converted to a with benefit employee by the time my degree is complete. I have worked 40 hours all year long, barely missing a day and always completing jobs assigned on a timely basis. I had received many comments of praise on my work.

Yesterday, we got an email from our boss that stated that all the non-career employees would get their hours cut. This meant that instead of being able to work 40 hours, I would have to work 30 hours or 130 hours a month. This meant that I would loose enough pay that paying out-of-pocket for my classes would be very difficult.

I am married with 2 kids and this situation is really bad. It is bad enough that I have been forced to live with my in-laws to be able to provide a good home and good schools to my children. This pay cut pushed the possibility of saving up and moving out, totally out the window.

I was for the healthcare reform, but not in this way. I felt that we should push the insurance companies aside and make a single-payer system like the rest of the country. Instead we got a horrible piece of legislation that really only benefits the insurance companies. I am highly disappointed that I am unable to work so many hours because a federal law says so and my employer cannot provide me the benefits that are deserved.

I hope this is fixed in the future. I don’t think this country is going in the right direction. We need to real reform that doesn’t line someone’s pockets.

Thank you.

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We have the same problem. My sister is a PA in California and she said they are doing it all over there too. Her patients tell her these horror stories and all of a sudden her sister is in the same boat! I can’t even talk to her I am so sad. My husband lost his hours (all of them).
They wouldn’t fire him and said he was one of their best employees. His hours dwindled over the last 2 months to Zero! He spoke to the owner and was told to “be happy with collecting unemployment”. My husband said he would prefer to work, and he was just told not to come in the next week. I had him check the schedule and sure enough he was not on it. Not this week either. He is going to have to find a job before Dec.7th or 15th, (one of the two), or we won’t qualify for insurance. I also have a medical condition. I started throwing blood clots after an operation, had a heart attack & was immune to the meds so a year later had another one. (BTW the doctors misdiagnosed me with heart disease), but I have low cholesterol and low blood pressure….go figure). Even when I do have insurance it triples the next year. I can’t even keep the same Doctor. But now nothing matters because we can barely pay the bills, don’t qualify for healthcare, and won’t be able to afford meds half the time.
I will pray for you…will you pray for me too?


If your plan is going to triple make sure to check out HealthCare.Gov to see if you qualify for assistance and to shop around for other options. It’s typically smart to at least get a high deductible low premium plan for the free preventive services and emergencies.


The employer mandate truly has some unfortunate side effects. Many businesses will simply offer health insurance and retain full-time workers. However, some simply skirt the mandate by cutting down hours. It’s less-than-ideal that there can’t be a more nuanced solution that benefits those who are getting their hours cut back. Rest assured the mandate does a lot of good, there are more people insured through their employer than ever. In fact, the biggest reduction in uninsured under the ACA is due to the employer mandate. Still there are many cases like yours. Thanks for sharing.

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