Paperwork Nightmare Story

After i enrolled in the it has been a full time job, calls, paper work, and notices that request me to provide info. Then over and over they said i need to do this and that than i call them and told to disregard notice then they canceled my wife’s ins. its just been a nightmare!

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I lost my job, filed for bankruptcy and lost my employer health care coverage. I then applied for Obamacare in the state of California and was rejected due to no income.

Then I applied for the exemption and was told additional forms are needed in a telephone voice mail. When I returned the call to find out what additional forms were needed, I was told that I have 30 days to send the forms but they could not provide me with the information of what forms, rather they assigned my case to another department who would contact me in up to 60 days.

I asked them why they have such an idiotic process in place, if I have a 30 day deadline but they can’t tell me what forms I need for up to another 60 days.

Then before the 30 days, I receive a letter stating that I did not qualify for the exemption because my deadline ran out.

It’s stunning, and a completely dysfunctional system!


Wow, that is a scary scenario. Since you were in CA you had two choices. 1) if your income for the year was already between 139% – 400% of the Federal Poverty Level you needed to enroll in special enrollment. The forms you needed to prove income would have been last years tax returns, most likely… but they really should have told you which ones. If you made 138% of the Federal Poverty Level or less then you should have simply qualified for Medicaid. There is no time limit on qualifying for Medicaid and wouldn’t have needed to use that 60 special enrollment window. Seems like this should be appealed. Have you tried appealing this?

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