The Best Way To Sign Up For Obamacare In 2020

At we have always been focused on helping people, that’s it. The healthcare system in the United States is ridiculously complicated and Obamacare is no different. We’ve been helping educate consumers since 2012 on the Affordable Care Act, (Obamacare) and if there’s one thing that we have learned it is that there is continual change within the health insurance marketplace. We used to be really focused on driving consumers into the healthcare marketplace through primarily. Over the years though, we became less focused on that simply because we found it was more practical to make consumers aware of all of their options. While the government exchange is the official way to sign up through the government, there are actually some other methods that don’t cost any more to do so, but do provide you with some options that can be very helpful. For the 2020 enrollment year, we believe that below we are outlining what we think is the best overall option.

2020’s Best Way To Sign Up For Obamacare (If You Want To Have More Options And Access To Licensed Health Insurance Agents To Enroll)

Scenario #1  You’re An Expert At Understanding Health Insurance & Obamacare Plans

If you feel like you don’t need any help selecting a health insurance plan (Obamacare plan) and you’ve “got this on your own” then you could either use the government exchange, or you could also use HealthNetwork’s Healthcare Marketplace Exchange (HME). Here’s some important details you need to know about the HME.

  • The HME doesn’t charge individuals more or less than the government exchange does for an Obamacare plan.
  • Prices from carriers are regulated and the HME can’t charge you any more or less for an Obamacare plan even if they wanted to.
  • The HME breaks out all of the plan details and also helps give insight into why a plan may or may not be a good fit for you.
  • The HME interface is very easy to understand and they do a good job making it easy to shop and compare plans.
  • This might be most important to a lot of people. You don’t have to give them your contact information to see plan rates.

To use their online exchange and sign up on your own, just go to the following link. 

Scenario #2 You’re Not An Expert On Understanding Every Detail About Health Insurance & Obamacare

If you feel like you are not sure what plan is right for you, and you would like help figuring it out from someone who is a licensed health insurance professional and not a random telemarketer, well here’s why we think the HealthNetwork HME is the best option overall for 2020. Before we get into that, here’s  some background on the company behind the HME. HealthNetwork is a private company that has thousands of licensed health insurance agents that they work with. HealthNetwork is now actually part of a very large insurance company. They were acquired by this much larger insurance company in 2018 because they have always had a stellar reputation with consumers since their launch as a company in 2013. HealthNetwork has been similarly helping educate consumers about Obamacare for nearly as long as ObamacareFacts has.

Ordinarily we would tell people to be cautious about seeking out an insurance agent to get help enrolling in an Obamacare plan. The primary reason why being because of how many shady lead generation websites there are online and how it is typically very difficult to get to an actual licensed insurance agent and not some random call center. There are only about 100,000 total licensed health insurance agents in the United States at any given time focusing on Obamacare plans. Considering that there are more than 15 million people annually seeking to enroll in an Obamacare plan, it’s easy to figure out why consistently getting connected to a company that provides a quality experience is actually difficult.

Frankly that’s why we have been working with HealthNetwork since 2014. They are literally the only company that we can say has consistently placed consumers above everything else.

So what’s really great about HealthNetwork and their 2020 HME aside from what we covered before, is that it allows you to not only connect in real time to a licensed agent over the phone, but now you can actually schedule an appointment with a licensed agent. So if you are researching plans on their website and have questions but you happen to be somewhere you can’t get on the phone and speak with someone about something that should be kept private, like your health insurance requirements, it’s okay – just schedule an appointment to speak with a licensed agent.

It’s really easy to do so. We’re going to post an overview of instructions at the bottom of this page. 

When you do speak with the licensed agent, at that point you will have the ability continue to enroll online through the HME, or you could just have the agent do it for you over the phone. Additionally, the agent will also be able to see if your budget will allow you to sign up for an additional type of coverage that helps out with one of the biggest complaints that people have always had about Obamacare.

The #1 Complaint About Obamacare and Major Medical Insurance Plans In 2020 (And Always)

Without question the biggest complaint that people have regarding their coverage, is the out-of-pocket costs. Every health insurance plan has a deductible and  a co-pay and a number of other costs that are not covered in the monthly premium. Most people would prefer to pay a flat monthly fee and then not have to pay anything else in order to use their coverage. It’s the unknown costs that often scare people the most. Here’s some food for thought regarding that common fear of out-of-pocket costs, it is one of the main reasons why getting help and information about those costs from a trusted licensed agent is typically a very good idea.

A licensed agent who you can connect to through the HealthNetwork HME can research if you’re eligible to enroll in a secondary type of coverage that isn’t health insurance, but is more along the lines of what Aflac (the talking duck company) offers. So for example if you have to go to the emergency room, you won’t be on the hook for the entire deductible that would be associated with doing so. There are a number of plans that offer coverage for a variety of utilization events. Even for example, going to the doctor.

Now, without any further delay here’s some information on how you can use HealthNetwork’s HME to set an appointment to speak with a licensed agent.

How To Set An Appointment With

Step 1. Simply go to the website.

This is what you will see when you go there. You can see rates and pricing by adjusting the household data at the top of the page. 

Step 2. Look for the Phone icon on the bottom right side of the page.

Step 3. Click on the icon and then select if you would like to speak with a licensed agent at that time, or select no.

Step 4. If you select no, you will be prompted to select a day and time that you would like to speak with a licensed agent.

If you prefer to speak with a licensed agent at that exact moment about a specific plan, you can do that as well.

Closing Thoughts: 2020 enrollment is actually better for a number of reasons, but one the main reasons is because of HealthNetwork and how they are trying to bring all of the tools and resources that could possibly be helpful to consumers, to market. If you have any questions, concerns or comments by all means we encourage you to reach out to us directly. We love hearing from our readership. 

Sincerely, Management 

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