My wife and I currently live in Illinois, but are moving to California in the next 2-3 months.

Currently we both have employers in Illinois who offer health coverage. I have opted out of my employer’s plan. Both my wife and I are covered under her employer’s plan.

My wife will not be keeping her current job when we move. I WILL be keeping my current job with my Illinois employer, after we move to California. I will work remotely, but still be a full time employee.

We would like to BOTH sign up for Obamacare once we are in California and are no longer covered by my wife’s employers health coverage.

MY QUESTION: Can both my wife and I enroll in Obamacare in California, even though my Illinois employer still offers health coverage, which we are not currently taking advantage of, and do not wish to take advantage of in the future. Will we lose any potential discounts or tax breaks on our Obamacare because we are voluntarily opting-out of the coverage that is offered to me through my Illinois employer? – Bob


Generally, if you have a coverage option through work you can't get cost assistance. If your spouse is offered coverage through your employer, this is true for them too. However in your situation the first question to know would be whether or not the employer offers a plan that covers you in your state. If they don't, then this should qualify you. If they do, then that would count as having access to employer coverage, and you wouldn't be able to get cost assistance.

You can call the Marketplace to check, if you think you are eligible you can have your employer fill out an employer coverage tool.

Make sure to use your special enrollment period due to moving to enroll in a plan outside of open enrollment.

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