I have had health insurance through my work for the last 2 years. The owner of the company has canceled our plan Feb 2015.

I will be getting married April 2015 and be getting on my husbands insurance. I will have a gap but will have insurance by the end of April 2015, will i be fined if so how much?


The fee for not having coverage is a per-month fee for every month you don't have an exemption or coverage.

Everyone get's a coverage gap of less than 3 months to start. You can also qualify for additional exemptions.

The fee increases every year, but in 2015 it's.

In 2015 coverage, the annual fee is $325 per adult and $162.50 per child (up to $975 for a family); or 2% of your taxable income, whichever is greater. The monthly fee is 1/12 of the total fee excluding the months you have exemptions for. See Individual mandate for more details on the fee.

Your best course of action may be to get a plan during your coverage gap so you don't risk going without coverage.

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