What is Considered Affordable Private Insurance?

I have been approved for Medicaid, but in July I will start receiving a small, partial, state retirement pension. There is insurance offered with this but it is quite expensive, until I turn 65. Enrollment is offered each year. Does the Affordable Care Act require me to enroll in this insurance.? What if it is not affordable?

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I too, wonder what is considered “affordable”. My husband’s employer is saying they offered him “affordable” insurance. This is based on the cost of a “self-only” cheapest rate plan, and whether it cost less than 9.66% of our Household income. I don’t understand, if EVERYONE has to be covered, how can they base “affordability” on “self-only” plan, but base it, not on “self-only” income, but on Household income. If it is based on Household income, shouldn’t the plan have to include everyone in the household (who all need to be insured or else face a fine?). I just don’t get how this works. Please explain!!!!!!!


There is a little more information about this issues here and here. The Family Affordability Glitch for Employer Coverage is a frustration for many working families when it comes to the ACA. I agree with you that it is a frustrating and unfair element of the law, which is why ObamacareFacts.com and others have labeled it a “glitch.” The only people who have the ability to address the provisions of the Affordable Care Act are state and federal legislators. Please consider contacting your state and local elected officials and telling them how this is effecting you and your family.

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