Can you be denied Obamacare if you have not worked in 12 years and your only income is your deceased husband’s social security benefits of $1,200 per month? A family member in need of medical insurance in Florida was told she did not qualify for that reason. Is this true? Thank you.


Only incarcerated individuals and non-citizens can be denied a Marketplace plan under ObamaCare. Social security benefits won't exempt you, but your assistance is based on income. If your social security benefits put you at above 400% of the Federal Poverty Level, then you can't get cost assistance. If you have Medicare or access to affordable employer-based coverage you can't get cost assistance either.

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Ambra on

Fact: I WAS DENIED a plan by the marketplace. I am 34, was laid off on January 13th, 2016, applied for a plan online a week later, and was immediately denied. I receive $600/month on unemployment after taxes, was born and raised in Ohio, and I do have a disability (epilepsy.) Within thirty seconds of entering the required information on the site and pressing “proceed” to process my application, I received a response advising me that my current income isn’t enough to qualify for any plans under the Unaffordable Care Act, and that my application was being referred to Medicaid. I received an email moments later in PDF, confirming this information and that I would be contacted by Medicaid by USPS in 7 to 10 days. After three weeks, when I hadn’t heard anything, I paid the $630 for Cobra coverage, contacted Medicaid to find that they were never contacted from the marketplace, and as such, I am utilizing the various resources I have available to get a social worker to help me get set up with Medicaid. In the median, as I look for work, I pay monthly Costa premiums. on

Yes, you can be denied marketplace tax credits if your income is below the poverty level. That said, in states that expanded Medicaid that means free or low cost coverage.

The only way to be completely denied is to live in a state that didn’t expand Medicaid.

Since you live in Ohio you should be able to have Medicaid, it should be able to kick in retroactively if need be, but you’ll have to confirm this on the state level.

Given what you say, I would contact the state Medicaid department direction ASAP and get things expedited.

Lisa on

We had assistance last year but my husband list his job so they said we don’t make enough money to qualufy this year unless we pay full price, which we couldn’t afford when we both worked. They said Medicaid is not available in our state, Alabama so we would not get penalized. So in other words if you can’t already afford insurance you will not get financial help. This is not so that everyone xan afford healtgcare.

Guadalupe Garcia on

I was told I was denied, I need s denial letter mailed to me, his do I obtain it??

Laura Chittenden on

This is a bold face lie ..I’am 100% disabled needding 3 disc replacements in my lower Lumbar and can’t get insurance and am below the poverty line

erica free on

This is a joke. Right? I tried applying for health coverage this morning and was denied coverage under this very act. Not to mention the bullshit amount of harrassing phone calls from various companies trying to sell me a crap policy. This program was designed to help people obtain an affordable policy not to rob and harrass. Isn’t that right? Please, correct m,e if I’m not correct on this matter. Either way, it has been nothing but a total headache to deal with. I came to this sight to try and get a quote this morning and got denied. Denied from the one place that says you won’t be denied. Says so at the top of the very page i’m on now. But however i was denied. Then the calls started coming in. 43 to be exact and my husband is currently on #44 as i’m typing. I’m not sure how you guys are allowed to function as a business of any sort, when all you do is give false hope to the families working their asses off to provide for themselves and harrass them to death! It seems sad to me that you all feel it is ok to operate this way. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Your greedy ass vultures who pray on people. It disgusts me that this type of thing is not only allowed but condoned and supported. From here on out tke my name, number and info you have and shove it up your ass. Get it off any type of call or contact list and stop bothering me and my family. I’ll never ask for help with insurance again, that’s for sure. I’ll just die due to lack of being able to afford medical treatment or insurance coverage. Thanks to you guys you’ve made it impossible.

Erin on

I’m not sure who denied you health insurance or why, but this website is an informational website about a law. It isn’t associated with any government or official Marketplace website except through the topic this site focuses on: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act which is more commonly known as Obamacare. We would be more than willing to try any offer you information we can to help you solve your problem, but you haven’t actually given us any of the details about your specific situation and to be confused about what this website offers. If you’ve had a problem with one of the affiliate advertising links on our site, please let us know which one and we will try to resolve it.

John D. on

I was denied a Marketplace plan for 2018. I am not incarcerated and I am a citizen. However, my income is only $8900/year. I received a letter from the Health Insurance Marketplace stating that, since I am below the poverty level (around $12,060/year), I do not qualify, and my State chose not to expand the Medicaid program. I am 58 years old and am having trouble finding a job.

Marti Thigpen on

I was also rejected for Obama care. They say my husband receives too much income. I haven’t had health insurance in five years and no one will approve me. I have preexisting conditions and I have been hung up on when this is mentioned.