I cannot afford health insurance. Alabama is not included in the discounted exchanges, so the premiums to get what I need are in excess of $400 a month.

My husband is on disability, so has Medicare and Blue Advantage. Since he’s covered and I’m not, would his income, out of which we’re already paying premiums, count toward the minimum household income for calculating a penalty? Or would it only be on my income? I ask because we currently file a joint return.

I’m in reasonably good health, so to have to have major medical coverage I’d rarely use doesn’t seem cost effective. We’re trying to determine if paying the penalty is the way to go just based on the numbers, which seems to be the case to us.


Alabama most certainly does offer cost assistance. Where did you hear otherwise? Get low cost health coverage on HealthCare.Gov. The penalty is a last resort, if you ever need medical care it won't be covered, so we strongly suggest getting low cost coverage on the Health Insurance Marketplace. Everyone can use the marketplace. Alabama simply did not expand Medicaid which only effects those making less than 100% of the Federal Poverty Level.

Please comment below and let us know who told you Alabama doesn't offer cost assistance on the Marketplace.

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