ObamaCare Fact Check, Checking The ObamaCare Facts

It’s time for an ObamaCare Fact Check. A fact is a fact, and we’re checking the ObamaCare facts to separate the media myths from the truth on healthcare reform.

The best way to get the Facts on ObamaCare and Obama’s health care reform is to use the law itself, CBO reports and other official .gov resources. Most of us know opinions are skewed by talking points and agendas and your typical ObamaCare fact check article only addresses a small part of what you might want to know. That is why we have complied a comprehensive list of ObamaCare fact checks, ObamaCare myths and ObamaCare Facts on our site.

If you don’t find the facts you are looking for below make sure to check out our ObamaCare Myths or Our ObamaCare Facts sections for more ObamaCare Fact Checking, myth busting and updates on the law. If you can’t find it on the site just let us know and we’ll dig through official resources and the legislation and post it on the site.

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barack obama flagObamaCare isn’t a perfect law, but repealing it is too simple of an answer. The best thing we can do is Americans is make sure we have our facts straight about what the law does. Knowing the law means being able to stick up for the parts that help you and to help change the parts you don’t law. You can check out our summary of all the provisions in the ACA here.

FACT CHECK: ObamaCare Hurts Seniors

There is no death panels and ObamaCare doesn’t get rid of Medicare. The death panel myth has been being circulated since 2009 and has been debunked a number of times. In fact a provision of ObamaCare about doctors providing in home counseling to seniors had to be cut from the bill because of this rumor. The fact is there is no group of unelected people who decide if you get surgery based on any factor. About 1/4 of the entire 2000 plus page bill is aimed at improving and expanding care for seniors.

The fact is ObamaCare closes the part D “donut hole” of Medicare, expands coverage for seniors who need help at home or are in nursing homes and greatly increases their access to preventive care. It also reforms Medicare advantage, a private program that is costing the tax payers millions and is lacking in the coverage it provides to seniors.

FACT CHECK: ObamaCare Raises Taxes

Aside from the fee for not obtaining health insurance in 2014 ObamaCare primarily raises taxes on those who claim a taxable income over $200,000 for an individual or $250,000 for a business or family. Tax increases only affects 2% of people and 3% of small businesses, although some of provisions in the Affordable Care Act do have an indirect affect on Americans, the law itself provides far more tax breaks than it does increases for the majority of Americans. To find out more about the 21 new taxes in ObamaCare and how they affect you check out Our Full List of ObamaCare Taxes

FACT CHECK: ObamaCare is a Handout or Free Ride

ObamaCare covers helps all individuals rich and poor. For some of us that means government assistance, for others it means better coverage on our existing plans. Everyone pays in what they can to ObamaCare. At the end of the day the fact is that ObamaCare is a program will help the majority of Americans by either improving the quality, viability and affordability of health insurance. Although some may pay more under the program, a number of new benefits, rights and protections ensure that they will get more for the extra buck. All those who can afford to pay will, the rest will be helped with subsidies, tax breaks or will be covered under the expansion of Medicaid.

FACT CHECK: ObamaCare Raising Health Insurance Premiums?

Opinion: Republicans Blame the 9% Health Insurance Premium increase on Obama Care

Fact: Healthcare, like most other costs are rising every year. What isn’t being mentioned is that ObamaCare protects Americans by limiting the amounts insurance companies can raise their premiums by (to increase profit, they must justify their rate hikes to the state they operate in and then post the information on their website). Although new rules for insurance companies force them to cover everyone (and they have translated this to increased premiums and deductibles) the law itself curbs the growth of premiums over time. The increases some saw in 2013 were a one-time reaction to new protections offered by the law.

FACT CHECK: Millions Will Lose Coverage

The fact is that no one who has health insurance will be forced to not have coverage under ObamaCare, but those with plans that don’t comply with the Affordable Care Act will have to choose a new plan by 2015 (in some states this takes effect in 2014). If you did “lose your plan” due to your insurance not meeting the new minimum standards of the ACA you won’t be required to obtain insurance in 2014, if you choose to you can use the new health insurance marketplace to shop for coverage.

The fact is ObamaCare covers tens of millions currently uninsured Americans and provides better coverage to those who currently have health insurance. Some of these new protections include:

  • Coverage for preventive care without co-pays or deductibles
  • Children can stay on parents’ insurance until 26
  • Annual Coverage limits were increased
  • Medicaid is Expanded to Cover Our Nations Poorest
  • Children with preexisting conditions must be covered
  • and more!
  • It’s important to check the facts on ObamaCare. You will hear a lot of opinions but we don’t cast our vote based on our opinions. If you have heard something and we haven’t covered in our ObamaCare factcheck let us know and we’ll make sure we give the real scoop.

Keep Checking Back For More Obama Care Fact Checking.

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