Politico is reporting that the Trump administration is considering reopening ObamaCare’s enrollment by creating a special enrollment due to coronavirus (COVID-19).

Some states have already reopened enrollment and encouraged those who qualify to get covered. See a list of states with special enrollments due to coronavirus.

Learn more from Politico’s “Trump officials weigh reopening Obamacare enrollment over coronavirus.”

UPDATE: The Trump administration has rejected the idea of expanded special enrollment

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Veronica Provencio-Mendoza on

Through a series of miscommunication with Medicare, my mother does not have Part B coverage, and her Social Security payments are still being taken for payment of premiums for coverage she no longer receives. Everything including help from her State senator in New Mexico, Tom Udall, has been tried. Efforts reaching out have been fruitless with Social Security non-responsive and now all offices are closed. She is at risk for serious illness, please advocate for open enrollment in all states so that people stuck in this same situation will not have to worry if hospitalization is needed for COVID or other health issues/complications from this outbreak.
Thank you!

Scott on

Will the stimulus checks being sent out in response to the Corona virus be counted as income in calculating Obamacare income limits for subsidies?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

The coronavirus stimulus check included in the CAREs act is not counted as taxable income and therefore will not count toward your income limits for assistance. This means it won’t impact Obamacare subsidies including tax credits, out-of-pocket assistance, or Medicaid/CHIP.

Good question though! https://obamacarefacts.com/questions/will-the-stimulus-check-count-as-income-in-calculating-obamacare-assistance/