The proposed Trump Budget released in 2020 includes about $1 trillion in cuts for Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare).

$844 billion is cut over 10 years via a new version of “repeal and replace” called the “President’s health reform vision,” and $150 billion is cut from implementing Medicaid work requirements which are projected to result in many losing their current Medicaid health coverage.

The budget also calls for a $600 billion budget reduction of Medicare through savings.

The budget doesn’t go into specifics on all of the cuts, but instead gives a general overview. We will keep you updated on specifics of the plan as more is released.

For more, see the Hill’s “Trump budget calls for cutting Medicaid, ACA by about $1 trillion” and the proposed 2021 Trump budget itself.

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Charles Pickell on

What assurances do I have that pre existing conditions will be protected? What cuts are planned for Medicare? on

As long as ObamaCare remains in place, pre-existing conditions are protected. If however, the lawsuit declares the ACA illegal, then Congress will need to pass other legislation to offer the same protections.

You can learn more about the planned cuts to Medicare here: