Fact Checking Trump’s Claim on Pre-existing Conditions

Trump recently claimed in a Tweet that he saved pre-existing conditions. It is unclear as to what he is referring to, since pre-existing conditions were protected by ObamaCare and repeal efforts were led by Republicans under the Trump administration.

If he is referring to the fact that he “saved” them by pushing back against his own party’s push to repeal them, then this may make sense. However, the push to repeal never went through, and thus in practice pre-existing conditions were neither saved nor not saved in the process.

In short, the claim doesn’t make sense. However, Trump did reduce the fee of the mandate to zero, that is true.

What do you think?

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Brian Benus on

Trump and the GOP’s healthcare plan is a hearse to pick you up at your home. PERIOD. When will people realize that conservatives in the USA are the creators of the ‘ownership society:’ “you.need healthcare! Sorry, you’re on your own.’ Sadly, they only care about $ and dumbing down of the USA (ex. FOX “news”).
Obamacare saved my life when I was diagnosed with cancer in 2015. People in this thread complaining about ‘this is that’ are misinformed and the problem of this issue. Anyone that professes to be “pro-life” yet against everyone having access to healthcare are nothing of the sort. Maybe when we finally have Medicare for all and Trump joining his henchmen in prison will we have a truly great countryl