In 2014 we enrolled in Obamacare after my husband lost his job when diagnosed with epilepsy. We send in our premium on, got our cards and although the premium was much higher than we ever anticipated, we thought we were all good. Month 2 – sent our premium in and rec’d a full refund saying we were cancelled due to non-payment AND open enrollment was closed so we were totally screwed. Very disappointing. The ACA leaves working class out to dry. We make “too much” for any subsidy but ACA doesn’t take into account ANY expenses! Only income. That’s a recipe for disaster.

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tim cole on

It’s all been said before it’s always for the rich face in other countries billions and billions and billions they can’t help us they all suck i thank the Lord will take care of America’s problems

Lyndsay on

I think you are all blaming the wrong entity here. Obamacare provided plans you could shop around for. No one forced you to sign up for a particular plan. Read the fine print on what is covered. If you miss a payment, that’s your own fault. if Blue Shield of California is not covering your claims, that’s Blue Shield’s fault if their paperwork said it was specifically covered and then denied coverage, not the Affordable Care Act’s. If they deny a claim they said they’d pay for, you should be able to fight for claims coverage using the provisions in their contract. If Make sure you know what is being covered before you sign up. It’s not the fault of the ACT, it’s either the fault of the insurance companies, or your fault for making a bad choice. It seems as though a lot of people want to blame Obamacare instead of looking at the mistakes they made. Obamacare is not going to solve all your problems.