Moved from Puerto Rico, What are My ObamaCare Options?

Hi, sorry to take your time. I recently move this month (Feb) from Puerto Rico (US island) to Pennsylvania.

I am single , no kids , no job,and I am looking to find a job.

But in the meantime I want a to be covered by health insurance, I don’t know if I will qualify for it. Do I have to pay it or I can qualify for a free Health insurance ? (since I don’t have income I only have saved money until I get my first job here).

I’m not a senior citizen just a young adult. What will be my option? I will appreciated your response. Thanks you

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90 year old mother in-law has just moved from P.R. and had SSS insurance and Medicare. She only has small SS check coming in and has a heart condition. She is now panicking. What should she do about insurance and where does she start. Lives in PA. Thanks


If she has Medicare then she doesn’t need (and can’t get) an private Marketplace health plan. She would need to use Medicare to coordinate the care she needs, if she needs further coverage she should look into Par D, Medicare advantage, and/or Medigap options during her next open enrollment period. However, even just Original Medicare Part A & B provides pretty solid coverage for essential health services, so she should have nothing to panic about.

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