Due to personal incidents I recently missed the enrollment period to add my newborn daughter to my work health insurance plan and have to wait until November to enroll her. I appealed and they still refused to let me add her. Obviously I can’t have my newborn without insurance for nearly a year. Is there a plan that I can sign her up for that will cover her up until November 2015. I just need coverage for her. My wife and I are currently covered by my health plan. I am a member of the military and will actually be deploying again in November/December of 2015.


The Birth of a child means your eligible for all coverage type's special enrollment periods. If missed your enrollment window, your newborn should qualify for CHIP.

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Lysa Palmer on

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Your answer does not contain all the info…your plan has to cover the newborn IF YOU DID HAVE FAMILY COVERAGE…if you only had single coverage, then your plan may have a rule on how quickly you have to add any new dependents.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Thank you for the input. We are always looking for you all to step in and help us to get the best answer together.

Mary on

Can you please elaborate on this quote: ” your plan has to cover the newborn IF YOU DID HAVE FAMILY COVERAGE…”. What is this based on? Is there a law or regulation that forces the company to include the baby into the plan even though parents didn’t notify the employer within the 31 day deadline, but have been paying for the family coverage (employee + 2 or more)?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

I can’t find the quote you are talking about, but i’ll reiterate.

For the marketplace you get a 60 day window to enroll from birth (that starts at least 30 days before the birth).

For an employer you get 30 days after birth at least.

There is no law that forces anything beyond those cut offs. Although I think CHIP can work differently at a state level.

Linda Walker on

I missed the enrollment for my newborn through my husband’s medical insurance window of 30 days. I am within the 60 day window. How do I sign up my newborn for medical insurance through CHIP?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

It depends on your state, generally, “call the state medicaid department ASAP”.

JB on

We missed our 30 day enrollment period to sign our newborn into our very expensive family plan and now we’ve also missed the 60 day enrollment period as well to qualify for special opportunity enrollment for an individual plan with any other company because we mistakenly though he was covered. Same thing with CHIP, they said because we are out of the 60 day qualifying event window we don’t have options. But do we have other options?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

CHIP is offered 365, so I don’t see why that would matter… that said you can certainly miss the window for marketplace enrollment or not qualify for CHIP due to income.

You should be able to buy a short term policy for the child. This is going to cost you and isn’t the best solution generally, but in this case it might be.

That said, try CHIP again.

Mai Ngo on

Hi there – we are also in this situation. Did you ever figure out how to get your newborn covered? We are in California if that helps. What state are you in? We also make too much money to qualify for Medicare, also, I believe… (Though we are in the process of applying for that).

Rahnw on

Did you find a solution to this problem? We have the same situation, and seem to have exhausted all of our options,

ObamaCareFacts.com on

So first and foremost the 60 day window in CHIP and the marketplace is the best solution. If people are missing that local charity and short term coverage are options, and I would also re-check with CHIP (it works a little different depending on the state, but the enrollment period is 365 and it shouldn’t be excluding babies for any reason other than the parents income).

The more detailed you all are with questions the more we can help. Hate to think newborns are going without health coverage when there is potentially some ways to avoid this.

Carol on

Can my newborn get coverage under obamacare since my employer’s insurance plan is so expensive and we can’t afford it?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

You should check with HealthCare.gov you may have a number of options based on family size and income. CHIP typically is the right move, but you may have Marketplace options as well.

Rosina Grille on

I would like to know how to get CHIP for my newborn baby. Can I get it before she is born? Does CHIP cover surrogacy children for international parents? How much does it cost in Utah?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

To get CHIP call the state Medicaid department. Here: http://health.utah.gov/chip/

Anna on

How to get it for my newborn baby?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

You should call healthcare.gov ASAP, they can direct you. Depending on income it would be them or CHIP (state medicaid).

Ken M on

I missed the 31 day window to add my newborn to my health insurance. I need to know where i can go to get insurance to last until the next open enrollment (Jan 17). I make too much money for CHIP and cant find any other plans that work with a higher household income. I do not want an uninsured baby for the next 3 months, what can i do?

Ryan Matthews on

How do I get insurance for my newborn daughter? I am not married to the mother and I don’t want her on Medicaid.

Erin on

It depends on what insurance options are available to you. If you have employer insurance available for your dependents, than you can get her coverage under that. CHIP (Medicaid for kids) is usually the best coverage option and the lowest price if the child is eligible, but not always. Non-custodial parents can also use FORM 8332 when filing taxes to be eligible for Premium Tax Credits for marketplace coverage. This requires a signature from the Custodial parent though, so it is best to get this form signed before purchasing marketplace coverage for your daughter to ensure that you won’t be in the position of owing back Premium tax Credits at the end of the year.

Angela on

I signed my daughter up for chip, she was born December 9. I was told coverage could not be active until January 1. I now have medical bills for her from December since she had health problems. Can I have the doctors office resubmit and have them be covered?