Now that President Obama made it a mandatory law that every American must have health insurance, my question is, how would the law affect the demand for health insurance? Why?


Before ObamaCare, demand for health insurance was based on wanting to be protected in an emergency. After the ACA this is still true, but now the fee also affects demand.

Before ObamaCare, supply for health coverage was based on one's ability to afford coverage and care, and the availability of providers. After the ACA this is still true, but now cost assistance means more people can get coverage. While rising out-of-pocket costs and an increased demand has led to problems in some states.

Supply would be expected to rise to meet demand, at least, that is the goal of a free-market regulated under the law.

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Cynthia Taylor on

No comments.

Cindi Taylor on

I think the Obama care act is one of the best thing that happened to this nation. Especially for low income individuals. God bless America!!!

ksmith on

You are obviously NOT one of those lucky low income individuals