Can I Add a Dependent I Don’t Claim?

My 19 year old son was covered on his father’s insurance plan through his father’s work. His father lost his job and my son will lose his current coverage at the end of this month. His father and I are not married. His father has signed up for Obama Care. Can his father put my son on his policy and pay for his coverage even if his father does not claim my son as a dependent on his taxes? Our son loves with me and I will claim him on my taxes for 2014.

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If I no longer claim my 34 year old daughter as a dependent, would she be eligible for a subsidy? She is not working and has no income.


She is eligible for Medicaid in the majority of states, you can see the list here:

In states that did not expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, some adults end up with no assistance options. However, sometimes local charities and state-specific programs can offer some help. There are also catastrophic and short term health plan options, but those have a cost. You can contact the marketplace or a broker about those. Hope this helps!

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