The Trump administration has proposed a second bill every month for California health insurance customers with abortion coverage of $1. If this bill isn’t paid, then people could lose their health plan.

In as simple terms as possible, here is the logic:

The federal government can’t pay for abortion services.

However, most health plans cover abortion services.

Thus if a person buys a marketplace plan and gets assistance, then plans that cover abortion have to charge $1 more (this ensures there is a charge not directly covered by the government). This is a sort of loophole that satisfies all conditions.

However, the Trump administration is proposing that a second bill be sent for that $1 to make it more separate.

Then, of the states that are generally pro choice, the Trump administration is targeting California for using the above “legal loophole” of charging the extra $1, saying “that isn’t enough to charge the $1, you have to send a bill.”

Logically if the administration was successful other states who also do this would have to comply as well.

There are arguments for and against this, but the problem is this would force everyone to pay a separate bill every month or lose their coverage… which is tedious and confusing.

You can read more about it here: Trump’s under-the-radar $1 abortion bill idea: Will it undermine Obamacare in California?

What do you think?

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