Understanding Why Tomi Lahren is on ObamaCare like Tens of Millions of Other Americans

There has been some confusion about Tomi Lahren, a conservative pundit and whether or not she is on ObamaCare.

So let’s clear that up now:

FACT: Tomi Lahren is on ObamaCare, because she is on her parents’ plan despite being older than 19 (and it was ObamaCare that allowed for that).

NOTE: In some states the age was as low as 19 before the law, it differed by state, but generally 24 year olds like Tomi weren’t allowed to stay covered under their parent’s plans before the ACA.

Here is the logic behind the above conclusion:

  1. ObamaCare expanded coverage in a number of ways, it expanded marketplace tax credits, protected against lifetime and annual limits, guaranteed coverage regardless of preexisting conditions, expanded employer coverage, expanded Medicaid, and required insurers to let young adults stay on their parent’s plan until 26.
  2. If you are covered due to ObamaCare related provisions, then you are “covered under ObamaCare.”
  3. Tomi Lahren is covered under her parents plan despite being 24, and thus she is covered under ObamaCare.

And of course, this being the case, Tomi later clarified:

“Yes, I have benefited from the Obamacare provision allowing young adults to stay on their parents’ insurance plans until age 26,” Lahren said. “Yes, some provisions in the law make sense. That one certainly does. … But facts won’t get in the way of the media’s liberal crusade.”

In other words, although Tomi benefited from ObamaCare, and although she was part of the camp pushing for repeal, she acknowledges that some of ObamaCare’s provisions are good and claims here stance is being twisted.

The implication of this statement is then that expanding coverage to young adults is good, but other provisions that expand coverage and assistance to others are not good.

So the question is which of the following provisions that cover over 20 million Americans are “not good?” Marketplace tax credits, protecting against lifetime and annual limits, guaranteed coverage regardless of preexisting conditions, expanded employer coverage, and/or expanded Medicaid?

That is the question.

Citation From the PPACA:

Sec. 2714. Extension of dependent coverage. Requires all plans offering dependent coverage to allow unmarried individuals until age 26 to remain on their parents’ health insurance.

What do you think?

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poochie on

Obamacare sucks.

I trade stocks for a living. It takes up most of my time.

How is income from this “unearned”?

If I “worked” at the DMV, (or any Government office), different?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Capital gains? If you want to consider your long term capital gains as ordinary income, I’m sure the government would love that!

Not sure where you are going with this. No one said that trading stocks for a living wasn’t “a lot of work,” it is simply that the IRS classifies passive incomes from capital gains as “unearned income” (even when it takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to get).

Meanwhile, the difference between trading stocks for a living and working at the DMV is like… where do we start?