Obamacare is not a Bad Thing – Story

I’m self employed and I’ve always had health insurance purchased directly from the insurance company. When the ACA started I was skeptical. I feared the new health plans offered and chose to keep my existing health plan as it was grandfathered in. The existing plan wasn’t required to following any of the new laws. I was paying for preventive care, women well visits, and lab test. Not only was I paying my co pay my deductible was $7,000 each before any hospitalization or diagnostic test were covered at 80/20. Over 4 years my premiums went from roughly $320 per month to $780 per month. This policy only covered myself and my husband. My children weren’t covered and the company wanted to increase my premium by $500 per month to add 2 children to the policy.

In 2012 my husband was rushed to the hospital with a life threatening condition. He was 36 and had been healthy until that day. At 36 years old he was diagnosed with multiple PE’s and DVT’s. One of his lungs was collapsed and the other was partially collapsed. He never smoked, rarely drank and didn’t take long trips. There was no explanation for why this happened. Last year I found myself rushing my husband back to the E.R. The diagnosis was blood clots in his lungs.
After years of research in 2017 I finally dropped my expensive mostly useless health insurance and choose a marketplace plan. I have excellent health insurance and it’s affordable!

Without the ACA my husband could’ve been denied coverage. If you have a loved one with ANY pre-existing I urge you to look at the ACA “ObamaCare” from their prospective. Are you willing to watch them die because they are denied coverage or can’t afford the health insurance offered to them? We’ve become such a “me” society. When it comes to healthcare we tend to only see how it relates directly to ourselves. Most people don’t realize the benefits you will loose if “Obamacare” is repealed. I encourage you to read the ACA law documents. Inform yourself and stop listening to the “opinions” of others.

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