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My husband and I applied for insurance through our state marketplace. Mostly because we were told we needed to apply. After I applied I was found to be eligible for Medicare because I am disabled. It took several months to cancel my coverage, but I was able to do so. The other problem is that when my husband lost his job, he recieved a cash payout. We took the money and paid off our bills and used the rest to put a down payment on our first home. A new mobile home is what we can afford on my disability and my husbands social security. It is tight, but if we are careful we may be able to go to a baseball game this year . Unfortunately that is not going to happen, and our frugality will become even more important, because we have to pay back 100% of our tax credit, over $5,000.00 because of the payout from my husbands employer. It will take us years to recover, years I hope we have. We were told that the payout did not matter, what mattered was reporting our monthly income, unfortunately that was not correct. My husband never got sick, he never used any of the benefits except fo blood pressure medicine and for trigeminal neuralgia, not worth the $6,000.00 + it will cost us. Going forth we will qualify for the subsidies, and it will be helpful going forward, but it is really tough until then.

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Yes I am totally disgusted Disabled and all I get are Medicaid most Drs refuse to take and food stamps, I divorced a few years ago with chronic pain but because the Drs during my divorce were in Vermont they totally ignored me about my bad neck and now it’s too long and I have no work credits.
From the age I of 3 hit in the Frontal Lobe with fast speed baseball I wish it just killed me then. Cause I get No help.


I advise people not to use this program.


I just received my tax bill today. Surprise I owe over $6000.00. Last year I asked people at how I could project year end income when all I had to go on was previous years income. I was told “I don’t know”.

Since I did not receive full employment until the end of August last year and my wife’s hours were expecting to go down I did not see any reason to report a change in my income regarding my i Affordable Healthcare premium since it increased from last year and I believed that I would be calling once a month to change the amount due to the expectation of my wife’s hours being reduced at any time. Now I’m stuck with a crippling bill even though I tried my best to act accordingly within the guidelines set forth by the ACA. Now I see millions are having the same problems as well.

The good news is that the bill is due on the 4th of July. Yay.

Keep up the good work.

Dion Peters


Our payback we were told by our tax preparer will be over $10,000.00 ! It will really hurt us. And we were set up by one of the local marketplace “brokers”. Go do whatever it takes to remove this Political mess we are in. Please find the truth one vote your conscience !!


That is insane! To be in that situation you had to have taken $10,000 in advanced credits and then made over 400% of the poverty level. BEWARE PEOPLE, you have to think a few steps ahead. Consider HSAs, consider 401ks, consider deductions, consider taking a vacation rather than owing back big money like this. If you are taking thousands a month in credits, either don’t or don’t go over that line. So sorry to hear this.


If I used my Tax Credit, how long I owe with that money?
It will dissolves itself or it will ad up and will be like a snow ball?
What is the way to get out of this debt?


You have to pay back excess tax credits each year on your tax returns.

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