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It is so absurd, ridiculously insensitively how a part-time, struggling, educated person striving for full-time employment face outrageous tax penalty. One who has encountered financial crisis year long needs every hard worked penny earned. If difficult to generate down-payment for Health Care, how possible to survive paying over $600. The penalty fee is astronomically large for a person expenses exceed monthly income.

I do not believe when white-collard, high-paying Congressmen and highly respected President sat down and implemented this law, working class poor was not considered to have the greatest effect. Such a financial burden! I anticipated the tax return to pay off outstanding bills incurred previously. i accept penalty fee but $615.00! the penalty is too expensive and causes the poor to get poorer.

I am driving a 2015 Nissan because my 2010 continued driving and increased speed. Ford Focus had a malfunction engine. Ford maintains, “It has to be another incident to compensate loss.” Since July 2015 payments for Nissan few dollars less than $500.00 monthly.

When unemployed during summer months is the only time receive food stamps. My small salary prevents receiving food stamps during school year. The result of accident (no fault of my own) is difficult to buy food and bare necessities – soap, toothpaste, tissue, and etc.

Public Assistance designed for people to remain poor. Working class struggles to survive!

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Bingo! “Empathy” is the one psychology lacking in the ultra conservative mindset preventing him from the capacity for broader critical thinking. Perhaps the ACA can help him get well.


How dare you judge another individual. You do not have a clue of what they have been thru. You are probably all men whom have never had medical problems causing your brain not to function properly and have been handed a job and or money. Try working at a job for many years just to be laid off and get discriminated because you are a bit older and female. You are ALL idots!! You will get a little older and it will become hard for you to find work then you will see what this person is trying to say. In the past, I have made decent money and with all the taxes, car insurance, home insurance, property taxes, food, utilities and medical bills there is not much money left over! GO F@@#! Yourselves. anyone who thanks their better than another should take a good look in the mirror.


You have the gall to call yourself educated with writing like that? How about you actually get an education and take your future in your own hands instead of blaming others for being in a crappy low wage job that’s the only job you’re qualified for. Ingot a headache trying to read the crap you wrote. At least 5 of the words you used don’t even exist. Educated my butt!


I believe Englisg is likely this person’s second language. Please cut them some slack. It’s the message that is important! I wonder if person is in USA illegally?


It would be a hell of a lot easier to cut them some slack if they didn’t sit there talking about how they deserve so much more being an educated, hard working person. I too worked full time and attended school full time while eating ramen noodles and studying in the dark because I couldn’t afford to keep the lights on and never even thought about taking food stamps or a hand out. Quit your bitching and blaming others for your own shortcomings. And if illegally in the country, get the hell out you leach. Nobody has ever helped me so I don’t have sympathy for those that wait around for others to make your life easier. Work hard and depend on yourself, then you’ll never be disappointed when there isn’t someone else to help.


Man you Really got a big personal problem or something.. Do you work for these insurance companies?

This person makes much sense on what he is stating.. He is just basically stating that this ridiculous penalty on health coverage is extremely costly for many. That’s not hard to interpret here.

I would add that it’s also extra steps of our Freedoms being snatched right under our Eyes and many uneducated people are too blind to see it. When have we ever been Forced to accept medical coverage? This is no more than the first step to having everyone personal information in the hands of the Anti-Christ (Government).

My wife and I have had medical coverage over the last 20 yrs and it has never gotten this crazy on premium costs until this so-called Affordable Care Act took place. The Insurance companies runs it all now because we were too stupid to to allow competition with a public option. Now these Insurance Giants can set premiums where they wish and force you to pay them..

What has happened to this Country? We have totally gone blind!

And please don’t give me the 2 cent speech of the costs of paying for uninsured people because this will continue with undocumented and others who cant afford these ridiculous medical bills.. Prescriptions and All.

Anyhow, give the dude a break.. I clearly understand the point he/she is trying to make.


You should have some empathy. What goes around, comes around!

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