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I am very happy about the Obama Care Act. I was able to purchase health insurance through this plan, but my plan has a $5,000 deductible that has to be met before I can use it, so I feel like I am no further than I was before. This insurance plan has yet to send me my policy, and I’ve been paying on it for three months. After three calls I finally got my cards, but that is all. I want to get rid of this insurance company but I can’t until Oct. of this year. I did finally get a sheet from the company that I can use my email to get copies of the policy and coverage and cards. I don’t want a paper card, and I would like a copy of my policy from the company. I am very unhappy with this company, the service is not very good at all.

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Purchased in 2014: ACA NJ Amerihealth Silver – $2500 deductible on hospital (including ER) + 50% coinsurance on hospital. Unacceptable !
Purchased in 2015: ACA NJ Health Republic Silver Community – $0 deductible for a very limited set of providers + 40% coinsurance for hospital or “out of set / network” $2500 deductible + 40% coinsurance on anything. Unacceptable !
The better Platinum plans are way unaffordable even with subsidies (which SCOTUS may take away next month).
We, the American people want REAL health care reforms ! How long do we have to wait ?


Look to see if there are any Independent Health Insurance Brokers in your area. I work for one in WA and we investigate all of our clients’ claims issues and leave them stress free.


Who is the insurer? If you share it below perhaps it will help someone else make a decision about what health plan to get? Also, you can consider a Health Savings Account to help deal with the out-of-pocket costs and lower your taxable income. https://obamacarefacts.com/health-insurance/health-savings-account-hsa/

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