On Feb 13th I was let go from a full-time job with great benefits (with how we paid into it I immediately lost coverage) but I am lucky as I was job hunting before all this and found part-time work but no benefits. I called The Marketplace on the 15th and due to my circumstances I was easily enrolled . The agent even picked a better plan for me and instead of asking what I made last year-it is an estimate of what I will be making this year (due to part-time income my gross yearly income has dropped)-so, for now until I find full-time work, they go off what I am making now. I pay under 5 dollars now with good coverage.

What I learned is when I find a full-time job obviously what I pay into it will definitely change. I’ll tell you why this is great; no longer does one have to stay tied to a terrible job because of health benefits. My last job caused me such great stress, and anxiety that I could just look at myself and knew it was affecting my health. I now work in a museum till I can find full-time. I think this is wonderful!

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