Americans Support Current Protections and Expanding HealthCare Assistance According to Poll

According to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll, most Americans want to see lower prices and the current protections and benefits of the ACA upheld or expanded. Meanwhile, about 30% are against Medicare-for-all and about 30% are for ACA repeal.

Instead of trying to re-summarize everything, I will instead simply point you to the official Kaiser Family Foundation health tracking poll from April 2019.

With that said, for those who want a quick and simple look, I’ve provided on important table below which shows approval for different measures by party.

The notable thing here is that support for protecting pre-existing conditions and lowering costs is very high, while support for specific items that have been politicized (ACA marketplace assistance, ACA repeal, and Medicare-for-all) is low.

Table 1: Prescription Drug Costs and Pre-Existing Condition Protections Top Public’s Health Care Priorities for Congress; Democrats and Republicans Also Prioritize Partisan Ideas
Percent who say the following is a top priority for Congress to work on: Total Democrats Independents Republicans
Lowering prescription drug costs for as many Americans as possible 68% 77% 64% 66%
Making sure the ACA’s pre-existing condition protections continue 64 82 62 47
Protecting people from surprise high out-of-network medical bills 50 55 49 45
Implementing a national Medicare-for-all plan 31 47 26 14
Repealing and replacing the ACA 27 16 22 52
Expanding government financial help for those who buy their own insurance coverage on the ACA marketplace to include more people 26 36 23 18


Author: Thomas DeMichele

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