I was fine BEFORE the government got involved in “healthcare.” I used to pay$364.oo a month for my health insurance. That insurance helped me through the trials of breast cancer and radiation treatment etc. Then, some legislators decided to FORCE me to buy new insurance as they caused my own policy to be discontinued! My “affordable” premiums went up to $795.oo a month and then that insurance company, Coventry, left the marketplace in Florida where I live. So then, my premiums went up again to $1100.oo a month with a $6900 deductible! HORRIBLE! I couldnt afford any “affordable healthcare” so I LOST MY COVERAGE. Yes, I’m angry. Now I have to try to fill out a bunch of nonsense forms as to why I should be exempt from my “shared contribution!” AWFUL! I haven’t been able to see my oncologist. I only earned 31,500 in 2017, I had hospital bills of over $17,000.00 and now I have to justify why I shouldn’t have to pay the government more!

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