Republican senators are going to include a repeal of Obamacare’s individual mandate in the revised version of their tax plan. This measure was added at the request of Rand Paul.

This means, if the tax bill passes in its current form, the requirement to get coverage under the Affordable Care Act will be lifted. This is good for those who don’t want coverage but will likely increase costs on those who need coverage as fewer healthy people will be in the market.

Even eliminating individual mandates will do little to make health insurance affordable since high deductible plans have already flooded the market and the out-of-pocket cost of healthcare has increased dramatically over the last decade.

A move like this would ideally be paired with universal catastrophic coverage, but this is a tax bill, not a health reform bill, so a medical policy like that will have to wait. In the meantime, this, along with a recent Trump executive order, will allow more people to shift to low-benefit low-cost plans that aren’t considered “minimum essential coverage” under the ACA.

See: CNN’s Individual mandate repeal to be included in Senate’s tax bill.

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lovejoy sr on

Why is it not discussed “IF” we had a one provider plan, the one provider could set the market price for what they will pay for service and meds and how this could benefit the public as a whole…. Like our fire department , and police department….

Why doesn’t “EVERYONE ” see the ones who have more assets / money should pay more taxes and want to pay more taxes to protect what is theirs… “IF” a foreign power would take over the United States of America (once it becomes great again of coarse) who loses the most … the “Have not’s ” or the ones who “HAVE the most” ? It’s really as simple as that… Our / there Military (USA) is powerful the “Have’s” Don’t want to pay there fair share of taxes… FOX (spin Zone news) News “reports how much the haves pay in taxes ” but never tell you “WHO HAS THE MOST TO LOSE ” Every American should and want to pay taxes … taxes our for our country.
NEXT point , WHY isn’t everyone screaming about what a foreign power has done inside the United States of America with social media…. Suicide rate, Hate crimes are all elevated by fake news / Propaganda news… We have been invaded by powers against humanity…. I don’t like our President but he is an American and he wants what is best (in his little mind) for America but the foreign power is evil because it is behind a lot of hate group propaganda…. Please help rid the world of hate of one another…