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Obama care has been an absolute mess for me and my family. We are a middle class white hard working family that has been treated unfair in the hopes of taking care of people whom are afraid to work!!!!

As a small business owner, I have always provided health benefits to my customers and family but since Obama had to make sure the people whom DONT work and want to take care of themselves, i have to pay their way now!!!!

Health care for me, my wife and my daughter will cost us $27598 with all of the out of pocket expenses as well as fees associated with this so called “fair” program.

Clearly after 8 years, Obama wanted to ensure the white middle class HARD working American suffered and for that, he will have his legacy!!!


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Yea that’s it. Obama wants to destroy white because whites are the only ones who work hard, own a business and pave their own way.

Why aren’t health insurance companies held accountable for their unfair premiums???

All Obama did was make insurance available to everyone so you don’t have to rely on your job to provide it.

Also, you are an idiot.


It’s dishonest to say that insurance is now available to everyone now, the ACA increased access, but there are still who don’t have access. It also didn’t make it so that you don’t depend on your job for it. In fact, the ACA requires large employers to offer coverage to most employees and their families. For those who are offered employer coverage, they aren’t eligible for cost assistance through the marketplaces unless it’s more than 9.56% of the families income to cover ONLY THE EMPLOYEE. We call this the Family Affordability Glitch and it has been a huge burden for many middle class working families. To be fair, many of those caught in the glitch didn’t have access to insurance before the ACA, but now they are often being fined if they can’t afford to cover their families on their employer’s plans.


Question: I have a small business with three employees , salary average is over $50,000, one employee is my spouse so on my individual plan, the second employee has group insurance from their spouse, and the third employee has a very high cost individual plan. So we dont qualify for any option under the Ava…what are my options for that last employee to help them? Will I be penalized for reimbursing them part of their premium through a health reimbursement account?? Thanks


I wonder which states do you live in


That is a very high number. You are right, when you factor in deductibles and premiums together the total out-of-pocket amount you are liable for can get pretty unbearable for the middle-class family without cost assistance (especially if you don’t use the credits on the shop, which not everyone can). This was true before the law in many instances, but there are certainly some valid complaints from a small business perspective that deserve ongoing examination.

feeling mighty annoyed

well you better hurry with all that ‘xamining.

He’s going under. Even if he makes one of them NE middle class 200k incomes, that’s 13.5% of it. Now, sure ’nuff, he’s not actually had a medical emergency, and when he does, some of it will be allowable on the taxes, but he could take an income hit then too so he best be settin’ aside for a rainy day. There’s no real umbrella for his-self, no sirree.

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