Afordable my but!@

My wife and I are in our mid 50s. My wife is not in the best of health so health care is a real expense. She has long term issues. Lots of expensive medications. not likely to get any better any time soon.
At the end of this year, The office where I work decided to drop all spouses off the company provided health insurance group plan. Blame the Affordable health care Act. Well. now I gotta go find insurance on my own for my wife. If it wasn’t for the so called affordable health care act, this would be impossible. All insurance companies have rejected us in the past. No ands iffs or buts. So, this plan..has allowed us to get insurance. BUT….
Now, the offered in network insurance plans first, cost me around 500 to 600 a month AND 100% of all medical bills up to the deductible. Well, that is fine and dandy for someone that is healthy. For those with staggering medication bills. This costs a real bundle right up front. Money that most of us middle class people don’t have. So, were back into the not paying our medical bills because we still can’t afford it.

I have to get out of network and find an individual plan that is going to cost me in the 700 to 800 a month range to keep from going bankrupt trying to pay for my wife’s medication. Affordable.. It isn’t. Not even close.

All this is going to do is. people still won’t get insurance, can’t afford it. Oh and now that causes the government to fine us $$$ for not getting insurance…we can’t afford to pay that either. So, put us in jail.. Free heath care in jail.
Still doesn’t solve the major problem of affordable. Were still on a spiraling out of control health care system costs problem.

This isn’t going to go away until someone that has the power and has the smarts to do a complete overhaul of the system without congress/senate/president messing it up.

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