It’s up to you to help save ObamaCare from losing it’s ability to insure over 44 million uninsured Americans. Protect ObamaCare on a state level by spreading the facts to your neighbors and letting your state legislators know you support Obama’s health care reform.

Get your self up to speed on ObamaCare, ObamaCare explained.

The President Has Been Re-elected and the ACA is the “law of the land”, but for ObamaCare to Take Full Effect it Needs Your Help

Now that the president has been re-elected the Affordable Care Act is saved from repeal and will continue to come into full effect by 2020. However, the effectiveness of the program is in the hands of the states.

Help to make sure your state gets the most out of ObamaCare by protecting Medicaid Expansion and the ObamaCare Health Exchanges on a state level.

obamacareHow You Can Help Protect ObamaCare?

Protecting ObamaCare at a state level is all about two things:

1. Educating Your Fellow Americans. Read up on the facts on what ObamaCare actually does, how it saves lives and money and how it creates jobs and offers tax breaks. Pretty much every anti-ObamaCare talking point is bunk. Don’t fight with your neighbors, just let them know they facts. Read ObamaCare Facts

2. Contacting Your State Representatives. The Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) has two aspects which are going to vote at a state level.

The first aspect of ObamaCare (going to state vote November 16th), is whether the states will run the ObamaCare Exchanges or if they will let the federal Government run it for them. Read About the ObamaCare Exchanges

The second, and most important, aspect is whether or not each state will choose to expand Medicaid to their poorest. If a state opts out of expanding Medicaid to their poorest they won’t lose federal funding for Medicaid. This has far reaching implications and could greatly diminish the effectiveness of ObamaCare. Read More On ObamaCare and Medicaid Expansion.

Moving Forward With ObamaCare

ObamaCare isn’t perfect. Other aspects of ObamaCare will need to be reformed moving forward, but make no mistake, ObamaCare saves millions of lives and is a government run program for the good of the people.

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Can Government Programs Like ObamaCare Work?

ObamaCare has already been working for two years banning lifetime limits, decreasing annual dollar limits, allowing young adults to stay on their parents insurance to 26, expanding coverage, reducing waste, creating jobs and reforming the practices of insurance companies. Just like other public programs, ObamaCare isn’t perfect, but it can and does work!

We’ve all heard the lines “less government” and “government can’t do anything right”, this is just an out right lie. No system is perfect but our founding fathers built this country on the idea that government was by the people and for the people to protect the common welfare. Less government means less control over things like wages, health care, social security, basic rights, workers rights, women rights and more.

At ObamaCare Facts we’ve presented you with the facts on every aspect of the popular Obama’s health care reform, now it’s time to stand up for ObamaCare and voice our support of the program.

Support ObamaCare and Show them We Mean Business

Most of us are in the 98% percent of Americans who greatly benefit from the protections and reforms of ObamaCare. Not only do we save money on health insurance and get better coverage, we save millions of lives by protecting ObamaCare.

If the effectiveness of health care reform is diminished at a state level, it will be another victory under the belt of Big Business proving to them that Americans are willing to give up there rights based on talking points. If this happens the rhetoric will only get louder.

Stand up to the anti-ObamaCare movement on a state level using the ObamaCare facts we present and help us to make a better future for our children, our poorest, our seniors and America as a whole.


Protect ObamaCare By Supporting it at a State Level