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How to Contact U.S. Senators Contact your senators by writing, calling, or visiting them in person. Call (202) 224-3121 or follow the directions below. NOTE: The information below was compiled from Senate.Gov on Sept, 23 2017. ADVICE: Contact the U.S. Senator in your state and let them know if you support the Affordable Care Act… Read More

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Who is ObamaCareFacts.com, and Who Runs this Website? ObamaCareFacts.com is an honest, independent, and grassroots informational website created by two guys sick of digging through the talking points to get to the facts. ObamaCareFacts.com is created and maintained by dog Media Solutions LLC. Walt Whitney is the head editor of this website and a managing partner… Read More

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We Help You Understand the Affordable Care Act Here is our ObamaCare videos section. These ObamaCare videos will help you to understand aspects and current events surrounding the Affordable Care Act. Share our these videos with your friends to help them get a better understanding of the new health care reform law. Check out healthcare.gov’s… Read More

ObamaCare Poll: ObamaCare Approval Rating Popularity

Our Unbiased ObamaCare Poll Paints a Different Picture of ObamaCare’s Approval Rating Our unbiased ObamaCare poll paints a different picture of ObamaCare’s approval rating compared to other polling done on ObamaCare’s popularity. It turns out the more people know about the program, the more they like it. Let America know what you think about the… Read More

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We Help You Understand the Affordable Care Act Looking for ObamaCare PDFs and resources to help you further understand the Affordable Care Act? If you read through our site you’ll have a solid grasp on how ObamaCare will affect you, your family, your business and your fellow Americans. Of course we can’t cover everything, so… Read More

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A Little Bit of Time and/or Money Could Make all the Difference in Someone’s Life Join ObamaCare Facts in supporting medical crowdfunding, fundraisers, and donations. We will be featuring different ways to get involved in personal, social, or political battles for health care. Helping to spread the facts on the Affordable Care Act has been… Read More

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