Obamacare for Millionaires?

If you have an income above 400% of the Federal Poverty Level then you can’t get cost assistance, but can buy a plan on ObamaCare’s Marketplace.

ObamaCare Compliance for Foreign Residents?

If you are a US citizen you can get covered using ObamaCare’s health insurance exchange when you move to the US and cancel your plan when you leave. You’ll simply use special enrollment to enroll.

Are Roth Distributions Counted Towards MAGI?

Qualified withdrawals from a Roth IRA don’t count toward modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) for ObamaCare, but taxable IRA withdrawals do. Withdrawals of your original contributions are never taxable income (as you already paid taxes on them), therefore taking them back out doesn’t affect your MAGI.

Will Cadillac Tax Be In States That Refuse ACA?

Even states that didn’t expand Medicaid or set up a Marketplace were set to have a tax on high-end health plans. That said, this tax has been pushed back many times and it may never end up being implemented.

ObamaCare Tax Credits Getting Married or Divorced?

Getting married or divorced can affect tax credits based on filing status. Use Premium Tax Credit Form 8962 alternative calculation for year of marriage. This can help you adjust tax credits and ensure you avoid repaying extra credits or missing out on claiming additional ones.

Who Owes Penalty if Only Spouse Has Income?

The penalty for not having coverage is based on your “tax family” and “coverage family”. Those who file together must all have coverage, get exemptions, or pay the fee based on household income.

Repaying Tax Credit After Marriage?

If you get a tax credit in advance, and then make more income then projected or marry and thus claim more income you may have to repay based on annual income.

Out of the Country Turning 26?

When someone is on a family plan, but is out of the US and turn 26 they can use the physical presence test to see if they need to get coverage or can wait until they come back.

How Do Tax Credits Work When Getting Married?

Tax credits are based on household income, when you get married mid-year you’ll count income before marriage and after marriage differently on the 8962 form Table 4. Alternative Calculation for Year of Marriage Eligibility.

Are Tax Credits Annual or Monthly?

Tax credits are based on annual income, not monthly income. This doesn’t do much to help people between jobs when income is low, but it’s important to understand to avoid repayments of tax credits. Repayment limits are based on annual household income too.

How Do I Claim Ineligible For Medicaid Exemption?

To claim the exemption for being ineligible for Medicaid write code “G” in column “C” of the 8965 – health care exemptions form. You don’t need to apply for the exemption to the Marketplace with the rejection letter if you live in a state that rejected Medicaid (although you can do this to get a ECN and qualify for special enrollment).