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Affordability Exemptions for 2017

Affordability Exemptions and the Family Affordability Glitch for 2017 Plans

Below we present the affordability exemptions for 2017 for employer and non-employer coverage and explain the family affordability glitch.

Affordability exemptions are one of the more complex aspects of the ACA, so make sure you understand all the specifics below before claiming one on form 8965 or from HealthCare.Gov.

I’ll start by saying in basic terms, for 2017:

TIP: The numbers change each year, see IRS Releases 2017 ACA Required Contribution Percentages for more information.

Below are all the details pertaining to the above two statements.

NOTE: All the points below pertaining to employer coverage generally apply to employee-only coverage, the coverage of an employee’s dependent’s or spouse’s self-only coverage, and the aggregate price of coverage for one or more dependent or spouse (the average price for one or more dependents, not the combined price, and not including the employee). Meanwhile, all the points applying to non-employee coverage apply to individual plans and family health plans on the marketplace and not to specific family members.

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TIP: A person can shop wherever they want for 2017 coverage if they aren’t going to access subsidies that includes the marketplace. However, to get cost assistance the above rules apply.