Obamacare Facts

December 15th, Last Call For January 1st Health Coverage

December 15th is your last chance to get health coverage in order for January 1st, 2016. This means updating info, shopping for plans, and re-enrolling must all be done no later than the 15th. Sure, you still will have until January 31st, 2016 to use the Marketplace and avoid the fee, but you’ll lose out on at least a month of coverage (two if you wait until after Jan 15).

It’s nothing short of a bad idea to ignore something as important as your health insurance for the whole of next year. Do yourself a favor and double check your health insurance. Many insurers won’t offer an auto-renew option and others will simply enroll you in a similar plan. Either way, if you want choice, then you want to make sure everything is in place for December 15th, 2015.

Last year those who shopped around saved more, be one of those people!