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Hobby Lobby ObamaCare

Hobby Lobby and ObamaCare: Hobby Lobby Emergency Appeal Denied

ObamaCare v. Hobby Lobby; Hobby Lobby risks millions in fine after refusing to comply with ObamaCare's mandate on contraception coverage. The Oklahoma based chain was denied an emergency appeal by the Supreme Court to get an exemption from having to provide contraception coverage to it's employees. Hobby Lobby has decided to take a stand against the ruling by refusing to comply with the law, in doing so they risk over a million dollars a day in fines from the IRS.

Hobby LobbyObamaCare Supreme Court Ruling on Hobby Lobby

ObamaCare won in the Supreme Court battle between Hobby Lobby and ObamaCare. On December 26th Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who is in charge of hearing emergency appeals for the United States Tenth Circuit, refused Hobby Lobby appeal. Now the chain must comply with the law (at least until the decision reaches the Federal Court.)

Hobby Lobby Fines for Not Providing ObamaCare Mandated Contraception

Hobby Lobby faces up to $1.3 million a day in fines from the IRS if it does not comply with the Supreme Court Decision. If Hobby Lobby continues to defy the ObamaCare ruling the fines could seriously damage the business. It remains to be seen if they will remain steadfast or crumble under the economic pressure.

Hobby Lobby ObamaCare: Another Company in a Long Line

Hobby Lobby isn't the first company to stand up to ObamaCare's controversial provision that says that all employers must provide contraception as part of their health insurance plan. There have been several other law suites from for-profit and not-for-profit groups that have fought the law. While 9 have been granted injunctions, Hobby Lobby was not so lucky.

Why Did Hobby Lobby Lose the Supreme Court Case Against ObamaCare

Even though other for-profit's have won in their fight against ObamaCare's contraception mandate it was stated that the owner of Hobby Lobby failed to present a clear enough case as to how emergency birth control would hurt the company.

Hobby Lobby has over 500 stores and 13k employees. It remains to be seen as to how Hobby Lobby will continue to stand up against ObamaCare and whether an injunction will be granted in Federal Court.