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healthcare crowdfunding

10 Health Care For America Facts

We have the top 10 facts on ObamaCare (the Affordable Care Act). The ACA gives a lot more people access to affordable quality health care through it's many new provisions. Here are the top 10 facts on American healthcare reform under the Affordable Care Act. Know the facts, dispel the myths:

10 Facts on the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) that you should know

1. Over 44 million Americans will have access to quality, affordable health insurance by 2023. 15 million are covered under Medicaid expansion.

2. You can no longer be charged more or denied treatment for preexisting conditions.

3. The only taxes that directly affect the those making less than $200,000 are the requirement for uninsured to purchase health insurance and the mandate for large employers to insure full-time workers. The total taxes and spending cuts actually reduce the deficit.

4. Medicare is reformed, this includes closing the donut hole for seniors.

5. Everyone with insurance get's free preventive services and wellness visits.

6. 60% of uninsured Americans will have access to cost assistance, including 80% of young adults. (Cost assistance is only offered through your State's health insurance marketplace.)

7. New consumer protections make it illegal to be dropped from coverage for any reason aside from fraud and if you are dropped you have the right to a rapid appeal within 72 hours.

8. No more annual limits on essential health benefits and no more lifetime limits.

9. Nutrition facts at restaurants are now required by law.

10. You can no longer be charged more for your health insurance due to gender or health status.