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Congress ObamaCare: ObamaCare Exemption for Congress and Government Shut Down

Congress ObamaCare Health Insurance Exchange Exemption

The ObamaCare Exemption for Congress is a myth. It turns out Congress can't shut down Obamacare and reports that members of Congress will be exempt from ObamaCare are without merit. Members of Congress will have to buy their health insurance on the exchanges along with millions of other Americans including low to middle income individuals and employers.

ObamaCare Congress Shutdown

New in today, members of congress are trying to shut down the Government in protest of ObamaCare and some of its key provisions. The move won't actually stop ObamaCare, but it could shut down congress leading to a period of congress doing nothing. Most of the funding for ObamaCare is mandatory and has nothing to do with the appropriation bills Congress is protesting.


Congress Health Insurance Exchange Catch

Although Congress will have to purchase their insurance through ObamaCare's health insurance exchange like millions of other Americans they can choose any plan they wish. So while a typical American may only be able to afford a basic plan members of Congress will be able to choose the most expensive plans and pay the 40% excise tax that comes on the backs of these plans.

Congress Meets In Regards to ObamaCare

Congress did hold meetings in regards to ObamaCare, but it was not in regards to exemption. The meetings were an effort to fix a drafting error that prevents the federal government from paying into insurance exchanges on behalf of congressional staffers who got caught up in a political controversy.

The federal government is the largest employer in the country. So Grassley’s amendment means that the largest employer in the country is required to put some of its employees — the ones working for Congress — on the exchanges. But the exchanges don’t have any procedures for handling premium contributions for large employers.

That’s where the problem comes in. This was an offhand amendment that was supposed to be rejected. It’s not clear that the federal government has the authority to pay for congressional staffers on the exchanges, the way it pays for them now in the federal benefits program. That could lead to a lot of staffers quitting Congress because they can’t afford to shoulder 100 percent of their premiums. 

Is the ObamaCare Loop Hole for Congress Fair

The health insurance purchasing system set up under ObamaCare may not be fair as it doesn't provide equal treatment to all Americans, in fact your treatment is still directly proportional to the amount of money you make. However it makes significant strides by making quality insurance more widely affordable. Whether or not Congress is really getting "the same" insurance as most Americans may be a point of argument, but they are getting insurance that is available to those Americans who pay a little more. However the way in which many of the staffers will pay for their insurance has yet to be detrmined.

Keep coming back for the truth on ObamaCare and Congres.