Planned Parenthood Could Be Defunded in 2017 If Nothing is Done to Change the Republican HealthCare Plan (TrumpCare)

Planned Parenthood is at risk of being defunded in 2017. The American Health Care Act (RyanCare/TrumpCare) cuts funding to planned parenthood and strips coverage from 52 million.

It does redirect some funding to community health centers, and it does attempt to reduce the cost of coverage, but neither “positive” fully offsets damage this bill does to our poorest, women, and seniors.

The defunding of Medicaid and Planned parenthood and the reduced assistance contained in the American Health Care Act really hurts our poorest, women, and seniors.

Considering some women are poor and/or seniors, it especially hurts that class of women.

The main “crusade” here is one of the religious right (part of the Republican big tent) against funding for abortions (why this very divisive provision made its way into a bill meant to “save healthcare”).

The problem with this, is the argument is based on rhetoric and emotion and not logic and fact.

Planned Parenthood does get federal funding for abortions, and thus the whole attack on women and Planned Parenthood is based on “alternative facts”.

FACT: Most of what Planned Parenthood does is preventive services, STD testing and treatments, pap tests, breast examines, etc. That means poor women in rural regions without community health centers could be in real trouble (as under the Republican plan they won’t have access to Medicaid or Planned Parenthood, despite increased funding for Community Health Centers).

Planned Parenthood and Abortions

Planned Parenthood provides essential services to over 5 million Americans. Only three percent of all Planned Parenthood health services were abortion services in 2013 – 2014.

From June 30th, 2013 – June 30th, 2014 they provided 10,590,433 services for over 5,000,000 Americans; 327,653 them were abortions. See page 18 of official Planned Parenthood report.

Planned Parenthood does receive federal funding, but the money cannot be used for abortions by law.

Medicaid funding doesn’t go to abortion services, instead Planned Parenthood takes Medicaid (and other insurances) for a number of other health services allowed by the law, just like any other healthcare provider would (they are refunded for the services provided and must account for every dollar).

Title X funding doesn’t go to pay for abortion services either.

No federal funding goes to pay for abortion services, PEROID.

The Hyde Amendment makes it illegal to use federal tax dollars for abortion services (except in very specific instances), thus Planned Parenthood doesn’t do anything beyond what is allowed for by the Hyde Amendment (and neither does any other upstanding institution).

Instead Planned Parenthood provides a host of essential health services for men and woman without health insurance or with access only to Medicaid (and to those with other insurances).

Health services shouldn’t be political, but politicians often make it political (when they spread talking points or try to defund Planned Parenthood in a bill meant to “repair” the Affordable Care Act), see a list of fact-checks on political talking points aimed at Planned Parenthood (many people will be shocked to see the difference between what Planned Parenthood does and what its critics claim it does without providing any solid proof).

Find out how you can help protect Planned Parenthood, and/or find out how you can help protect ObamaCare.

Learn more about why we still need Planned Parenthood.

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