I was notified after my early retirement from an “insurance broker” to help me find a plan under the affordable care act. When I told them the info that they required, (income, taxes, SS, ect.) they recommended United Health Care. I signed up and they charged me $126/month rather than regular price of $800+. The broker wanted me to send documentation of my mentioned above income. I mailed in April my tax, part time job income, and SS income info. On July 1 when my $126 was to come out of my bank account, the $800+ was remove instead. When I required as to why I was told that they never received my income info. Found out that the “brokers” were part of United Health Care and that they were pulling out of Missouri (where I’m from) at the end of this year anyway due to losses. Now I’m without health insurance. I don’t blame Obama Care on this, I blame United Health Care since I had dealings with them years ago. There needs to be a fix here.

What do you think?

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